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"Bastard" Wrapped

Rebekah wrapped her lead role as 16 year old in Betty in the horror film "Bastard." She had a great time on this project!

'Five stranges - newlywed serial killers, a sucidial cop, and a runaway brother and sister - become suspect and victim when a maksed murderer makes its presence known in an isolated mountain town.'

Rebekah plays the runaway sister who is dealing with quite a handful. Also check out the IMDb page!

Rebekah as Betty in "Bastard"

Posted by webmiss on 20-Sep- 2014

Dallas Morning News Article!

Rebekah was featured in the Dallas Morning News today! The article talked about her some of her past projects, her life, and some of her current and upcoming projects. 

'Kennedy: stepping from the boards of Dallas theater onto the red carpet of Hollywood.'

Check out the great article HERE! 


Posted by webmiss on 03-Aug- 2014

New Film: "Bastard"

Rebekah booked a lead role in the upcoming horror film "Bastard."

The movie is scheduled to begin filming the end of August into September.

More details to come! 


Posted by webmiss on 29-Jul- 2014

"Alongside Night" Red Carpet Interview!

Here's one red carpet interview Rebekah did at the "Alongside Night" premiere last night! Rebekah talks a little bit about her character, the film, and her upcoming projects. 


Posted by webmiss on 15-Jul- 2014

"Alongside Night" Premiere!

Rebekah attended the red carpet premiere for her movie "Alongside Night" in Beverly Hills last night. The premiere was located at Laemmle's Music Hall 3. Many of the actors attended including Kevin Sorbo. 

Rebekah plays Marilyn Danforth, who is Elliot's nemesis at the beginning of the movie, but slowly sees the error of her ways.



Posted by webmiss on 15-Jul- 2014

"Crimes of the Mind" airs again!

If you missed Rebekah's movie, "Crimes of the Mind", it airs again tomorrow on the Lifetime Movie Network! (Sunday, July 13th) Please check local listings for times. 


Posted by webmiss on 12-Jul- 2014

Acting Showcase!

Rebekah is in another showcase the Berg Studios this weekend in Los Angeles! July 11,12th,13th. Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 5:30



Posted by webmiss on 10-Jul- 2014

"High Schooler's Guide" Trailer!

The teen comedy "High schooler's Guide to College Parties" has released it's first trailer! Rebekah plays a crazy cheerleader who really doesn't like to be left out.

Check out the trailer HERE!

Please be advised: The trailer is rated R. 

Posted by webmiss on 29-May- 2014

MYTEEVEE Success Stories

Rebekah was chosen for Myteevee's first success stories interview!

Please check out the awesome interview HERE! 

Thanks so much to Myteevee and "Match" for including Rebekah in this! 


Posted by webmiss on 28-May- 2014

Acting Showcase

Rebekah will be performing in another acting showcase at the Berg Studios in Los Angeles. 

The showcase runs May 16 and 17. Friday at 7. Saturday at 1 & 7! 

Posted by webmiss on 14-May- 2014

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