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New Interview: Wormhole Riders

Rebekah did a cool interview with Kenn Weeks at Wormhole Riders. He did a great article on Rebekah and then chatted for about 30 minutes about her upcoming project "Match," "Bastard" and even "Street Level."

Check out the interview below! And check out the article HERE!



Posted by webmiss on 06-Dec- 2014

New Interview!

Rebekah did an interview with Servante of Darkness! She talked about life, projects, and upcoming roles.

Check out the link HERE!


Posted by webmiss on 20-Nov- 2014

Wrapped "Street Level"

Rebekah wrapped her role as 19 year old Easy in the pilot "Street Level" written and directed by Sons of Anarchy's David Labrava, and it also stars Mark Boone Junior, Charisma Carpenter, Danny Trejo, Robert Patrick and Drea de Matteo to name a few.

Details to come on Rebekah's role and the plot!

Posted by webmiss on 14-Nov- 2014

New Pilot: "Street Level"

Rebekah booked a new pilot called "Street Leve!!" More detals to come but she begins filming this week!


Posted by webmiss on 02-Nov- 2014

"Bastard" Teaser Trailer

"Bastard" has released it's first teaser trailer for Halloween fun! Rebekah plays 16 year old Betty in this horror film.

Check out the link HERE!

Posted by webmiss on 31-Oct- 2014

New Interview!

Rebekah did an interview with NewSignedBooks! She tallked about her love for reading, her career, and what's up next. 

Check out the link HERE!


Posted by webmiss on 06-Oct- 2014

"Bastard" Wrapped

Rebekah wrapped her lead role as 16 year old in Betty in the horror film "Bastard." She had a great time on this project!

'Five stranges - newlywed serial killers, a sucidial cop, and a runaway brother and sister - become suspect and victim when a maksed murderer makes its presence known in an isolated mountain town.'

Rebekah plays the runaway sister who is dealing with quite a handful. Also check out the IMDb page!

Rebekah as Betty in "Bastard"

Posted by webmiss on 20-Sep- 2014

Dallas Morning News Article!

Rebekah was featured in the Dallas Morning News today! The article talked about her some of her past projects, her life, and some of her current and upcoming projects. 

'Kennedy: stepping from the boards of Dallas theater onto the red carpet of Hollywood.'

Check out the great article HERE! 


Posted by webmiss on 03-Aug- 2014

New Film: "Bastard"

Rebekah booked a lead role in the upcoming horror film "Bastard."

The movie is scheduled to begin filming the end of August into September.

More details to come! 


Posted by webmiss on 29-Jul- 2014

"Alongside Night" Red Carpet Interview!

Here's one red carpet interview Rebekah did at the "Alongside Night" premiere last night! Rebekah talks a little bit about her character, the film, and her upcoming projects. 


Posted by webmiss on 15-Jul- 2014

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